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Meet SCAN® 3

SCAN® (Secure Collection Automated Network®) is Drug Free Sport’s proprietary paperless system for managing client data in the sport drug-testing industry.  In 2002, Drug Free Sport became the first organization serving athletic organizations to utilize a state-of-the-art computerized process to manage specimen collection data.  Drug Free Sport is excited to introduce the third generation of our Secure Collection Automated Network®.

Meet SCAN® 3, the complete specimen collection and program management system. Drug Free Sport certified specimen collectors utilize a new iPad application to capture information including, student-athlete demographics, specimen identification numbers and digital signatures at test sites before uploading all information to Drug Free Sport's central database. The electronic chain-of-custody functionality of SCAN® 3 effectively replaces paper chain-of-custody forms that can present challenges related to misplaced forms, illegible handwriting or human error.

SCAN 3® Specimen Detail

Program Management Application Simplifies Your Drug-Testing Program

Once specimens are analyzed, results are transmitted to SCAN® 3’s web-based Program Management application scan.drugfreesport.com.  The Program Management application provides a complete picture of each testing event to include student-athlete name, test date, results and testing history.  Simply put, SCAN® 3 is the complete solution for your institution’s drug-testing program. 

SCAN® 3 Provides Your Organization:

  • Powerful, new iPad technology designed to seamlessly and reliably collect drug-test data electronically from start to finish.
  • Accelerated specimen processing while maintaining protocol compliance.
  • Increased security through secure encrypted communications.
  • Complete results management.  Find all results and drug-testing information in a single, familiar location to view and search for statistics and other drug-test related data.
  • Customizable reports to efficiently browse through data and identify patterns and information.
To inquire about our sport drug testing services for your organization, please contact us by phone at 816.285.1423 or complete our online inquiry form.



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