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Drug Policy Development

Trying to develop a policy that is easy to understand and disseminate, legal, fair, and successful can be a complicated process.

Drug Policy Development & Consulting from Drug Free SportMost organizations can verbalize their drug prevention goals, but they also realize that it's very difficult to express and implement those goals in a formalized, written policy that is fair, legal, understandable, all-inclusive and useful.

That’s where we can help.

Because this is our full-time work, we can generally review, revise and develop your policy in about two to three weeks. Our clients tell us they would spend far more than two weeks trying to do this on their own.

Our in-house attorneys not only write and rewrite policies and procedures, we also offer a free review of your existing policies and procedures. In fact, our review of your policies and procedures is a prerequisite for administering institutional drug testing.

Our policy development and consulting services include:

  • Assisting clients (administrators, legal counsel and other staff) to understand and address key policy concepts and their outcomes.
  • Program/policy rewriting as requested
  • Annual review

These services are provided without need for an on-site visit and are completed via telephone and electronic transmissions. We urge the client’s legal counsel to review all recommendations from Drug Free Sport for revision of any policy.

To inquire about our drug policy development services for your organization, please contact us at 816.474.8655 or complete our online inquiry form.



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