About The National Center for Drug Free Sport - Ensuring Fair Game

Drug Free Sport Beliefs

  • Testing is a necessary and effective drug-use prevention tool to develop athletes who are committed to success on and off the field.
  • Athletics participation is a privilege, and athletes cannot be allowed to abuse drugs at their expense, the expense of their teammates or at the expense of their sport.
  • Research shows that most athletes are drug free. Therefore, we will at all times treat athletes with dignity and respect, and above all else, protect their privacy.
  • Strong relationships with certified, ethical sports drug-testing laboratories and collectors benefit our clients’ drug-testing programs.
  • Sports organizations differ in their philosophies on how to deter drug use.  We support an organization’s right to conduct its programs according to its principles and objectives.
  • Not every sports organization shares our values, and we will not compromise what we believe in the name of increasing the bottom line.


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